Monday, October 20, 2008

The Rawson Files workshop

Whew! We got back last night from teaching the first The Rawson Files weekend workshop in Gippsland. Jane and I had a great time, and I gather all the students enjoyed themselves as well!
25 students had 5 sessions of digital workflow training spread across almost two and a half days, interspersed with trips to the nearby hills for some outdoor photography.

We talked about the basics of using digital cameras in the field, covered organising and processing photos with Lightroom and Photoshop, through to profiling monitors and printers and exporting files to send to print labs. The practical areas such as cleaning DSLR sensors and things like custom white balance got people away from their laptops and the projector.

Obviously with only a couple of days to cover all that, we didn't go into complete detail. But we did give beginners an overview of what's possible, and there was material for those people who were already using Lightroom and RAW also.

There were several people who were glad when photographing the horsemen on Sunday that they were now shooting in RAW when they realised they were still using the custom WB from the day before...

Thanks to Sue Tanian and Coal Country Camera Club for helping to put the weekend together, and thank you to all the students who helped make it a great weekend!
Plans are already afoot for followup workshops in 2009...

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

ANZANG 2008 results Part 2

On attending the opening tonight of the ANZANG exhibition at the WA Museum in Perth, I found that not only did one of my images win the Animal Portrait section (old news) but two of my other images were rated as Highly Commended!

The print exhibition will on display at the museum in Perth until the 14th of November, after which it will be touring some of the regional outposts of the WA Museum.
Details of further displays in 2009 have not yet been announced.
In the meantime, the entire exhibition is available in book form from CSIRO Publishing.

It was great to see the prints together on the walls, as well as to meet the organisers and many of the other finalists at the ceremony. Now to get back to work...
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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

ANZANG 2008 results

The 2008 winners of the ANZANG Nature and Landscape Photographer of the Year Competition have been announced. I must say the image of the flying Humpback Whale impressed me!

One of my portraits of Henry (a young Southern Elephant Seal) managed to win the Animal Portraits section!
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