Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's definitely not summer any more!

As of tomorrow morning Daylight Savings ends (here in Victoria, at least). We get to sleep in for an extra hour, as the clocks go backwards by an hour.

Remember to reset all your clocks:
  • Your cameras. Some cameras have a Daylight Savings setting to turn off, some you will need to reset the time to an hour earlier.
  • Audio recorders.
  • The timezone on your GPS.
  • Household clocks: the ones on the wall, your bedside alarm, the microwave, the oven, your PVR (does anyone still use a VCR?), fax machine/copier, etc.
  • Your car's clock.
  • Medical devices (such as blood glucose meters and insulin pumps).
  • And probably more!
iPhones pick up the time from your computer at the next sync (which if you have a Mac should be fixed automatically overnight). Some mobile phones will pick up the time from the phone network: be prepared for them to take a long time to get around to updating the time! Simpler mobile phones will need to be set manually.

In Victoria, Daylight Savings will start again on the 3rd of October 2010!
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