Thursday, September 30, 2010

Want to come on a photography adventure this November?

November's photo expedition back to the Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica is fast approaching! My friend Glenn Guy is assisting me as co-leader of the photography group, which is currently at 16 people (all up we're taking up a third of the ship on the 3-week voyage).

Now it seems there've been some last-minute cancellations (by other passengers on the ship, not within our photography group) so several berths have opened up (in twin-share cabins each with a private bathroom). We can certainly accommodate a few more photographers in our group, so if you're able to join us, please contact the staff at Aurora Expeditions as soon as possible to claim your spot on this adventure! Single berths are available (you don't need two people to take advantage of these berths).

We'll be heading off from Ushuaia (at the southern tip of South America) on the 8th of November for 3 weeks of adventure, witnessing amazing scenery and wildlife and capturing as much of it "on film" as we can. The photographers on the trip will be using an assortment of camera gear, from point-n-shoot cameras to medium-format digital cameras (most will be using DSLRs). But you don't need to be an expert photographer already to take advantage of the trip: Glenn and I are both experienced instructors who are there to help you. Most (all?) of us will be downloading and processing our photos during the voyage on our laptops (most of us using Adobe's Lightroom) and you'll learn about the whole photographic process from composing and taking the photos through to editing and sorting the results.

See the trip's description page for more details. Act now while this opportunity is open!
The trip is paid for in US dollars, and Australians should take note that the AUD->USD exchange rate is currently very good.

EDIT: We've arranged a slight discount for these last-minute berths! When you contact Aurora to discuss the details, remember to ask about the last-minute discount for LuminOdyssey bookings.
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