Sunday, October 31, 2010

Daily photo project

I've got lots of exciting projects lined up for the coming year, and I've decided to use these to support yet another project: a daily photo for this blog (or a "365 project" as they're often called). Like many photographers my work is usually intermittent, interspersed with days of office and classroom time. Driving myself to produce new images every day will be interesting. I've had travel jobs in the past where I needed to produce 50+ images every day for weeks on end, but it's easy to take a break afterwards.

Dawn alms, Luang Prabang

There won't be a new post every day (as some of the time I'll be away from the Internet) so there'll occasionally be catch-up posts, but I'm aiming for a photo every day. And rather than waiting for January 1, I'm starting off at the beginning of November. I've got a lot of travel lined up, so hopefully I'll be showing you more than just pictures of my backyard! We'll start off with a week of "local" photos and then a pause while I travel to Argentina.

Barring any unforeseen delays, I'll be traveling for 27 hours straight, from 4am until 9pm on the same day (on the other side of the globe) so the concept of "a day" in terms of this project will be a bit fluid. All that travel will probably end up as a single "day": it'll certainly feel like a looong day! Or maybe with the sleep on the plane it will actually feel like two days? We'll see what happens... Then when I fly back across the International Date Line in late November I'll be losing a day, although I may end up posting a bonus day to keep everything tidy and "365-ish".

After a couple of updates from Argentina I'll be offline for almost 3 weeks after which I'll be able to post the backlog of images from our 2010 Photo Odyssey. With photo workshops scheduled for Antarctica, the Arctic, and East Africa in 2011, there will be more of this "bursty" activity to come, but I'll still be setting aside one photo per day for this project.

Join me for the ride!
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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Caulfield Photo Society

On Monday night I had the pleasure of judging/critiquing the photos at Caulfield Photographic Society's October meeting. It was a great night!

Judging club "competitions" is different to acting as a judge for national/international exhibitions, as there's an opportunity to give the photographers feedback on their images rather than just a score. Of course there is still a limit on how much time we can spend discussing each image (we had 80 images to go through in the evening). When I do these sessions I try to make all my comments constructive, and everyone did seem happy with the results. And I enjoyed myself too.

After showing and discussing their images (and there were some impressive pieces of work there!) I showed a selection of my own images (including some of my commercial work such as the recent trains) and talked about my travels. After showing some of my local commercial work we moved on to wildlife and landscapes from all over the world. Hopefully some of the members were inspired!
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