Antarctic travel and photography information

Over the years I've collected a bunch of links to information and photographs I've found useful when planning my excursions to Antarctica. Much of these can be found by searching this blog for the label Antarctica, but hopefully this page is a simpler summary. Some of this information is from specific voyages, while some is just background material for inspiration. Right now it's a boring text page, but it's a start.

Information about our November 2010 trip to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and the Antarctic Peninsula can be found at the Antarctica 2010: A Photo Odyssey site. That site does link back to here, so don't get caught in the loop!

Falkland Islands, South Georgia

South Georgia is usually visited at either end of the polar season: often November or February. The weather and wildlife is different in each case.

A PDF journal from the November 2008 voyage by Aurora Expeditions will probably be of interest to participants in our November 2010 voyage (also with Aurora). Note that there was no specific photography component on that voyage.

In February 2007 Michael Reichmann led a Luminous Landscape voyage to the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, and the Antarctic Peninsula. I have collated information about the voyage, including galleries of photos from participants.

In November 2009 Peter Eastway voyaged to these destinations with Peregrine Adventures. He has some blog posts online.

The December 2009 edition of National Geographic magazine featured an article about South Georgia, with photographs by Paul Nicklen.

Antarctic Peninsula

I have collated information from the January 2009 Luminous Landscape voyage, and the December 2005 Luminous Landscape voyage. These voyages share some locations with our 2010 trip.

Other information

In February 2010 I had a chat with Martin Bailey about our 2010 trip on his podcast.

There's a very detailed trip report from a March 2006 Peregrine Adventures trip aboard the Akademik Ioffe. Different company and different ship but it has lots of interesting details about Antarctic trip preparations, etc. Recommended reading.

Dave Walsh has some slideshows on Flickr. Photos taken on a Jan/Feb 2007 Greenpeace anti-whaling expedition to the Southern Ocean, and more photos from the 2007-2008 expedition.

I will be extending this page over time. If you have suggestions for any information that may be useful for photographers planning voyages to Antarctica, please send them through to me. Contact details are shown on the About David page.
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